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In the southwest corner of Montana lies one of the most scenic and beautiful valleys in the country. Ranches are scattered throughout the landscape amidst acres of lush hayfields nursed by the Bitterroot River as it meanders the length of the valley. Surrounded by the theatrical backdrops of the Bitterroot Mountains and Sapphire Range are quaint communities unique and rich in history. Home to approximately 40,000 residents, the Bitterroot Valley, with its majestic mountains and rolling meadows, has an abundance of public lands accessible for recreational enjoyment.
People from all walks of life have come to this valley and shaped the Bitterroot lifestyle. Here the past and the present blend. We live close to the good things of the past, as we draw from historic roots while always striving for a brighter future. Adding to the quality of life is the availability of health care, a wide range of housing choices,  and an array of services and shopping. The arrival of the Bitterroot College of the University of Montana has widely enhanced the already proud educational services and opportunities in the valley. The communities’ residents also enjoy and participate in a wide variety of cultural events such as theatre, concerts, art shows, professional sporting events, rodeo and horse shows, festivals and celebrations.