Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did the name originate:

Marcus Daly, the founder of the town of Hamilton and one of Montana’s Copper Kings, was one of the most famous and influential businessmen in America. Daly founded Hamilton in part to support timber mills, but also to house the thoroughbred horse operation, thee “Bitter Root Stock Farm”. Daly’s horses dominated East Coast and European tracks. The 2,600 acres our club occupies was once part of Daly’s Bitterroot Root Stock Farm. To honor Daly, his accomplishments, and his vision for Western Montanan, we retained a portion of his original name for the ranch.

2. Where exactly is Stock Farm Club?

The Stock Farm Club sits one hour south of Missoula, Montana, just outside the town of Hamilton. Temperatures in this part of the Bitterroot Valley are usually a few degrees higher than the rest of the region, placing the Stock Farm Club squarely amidst one of Montana’s Banana Belts. The valley, the river flowing through it and its flanking mountain ranges – the Bitterroots and Sapphires – create endless outdoor recreational opportunities.

3. What is the weather like in Western Montana?

Not what you might think. At 3,638 feet above sea level, the Stock Farm Club averages 270 sunny days a year. Annual rainfall of 12-15 inches creates arid, high-elevation conditions – even the coldest days are a manageable dry cold. You’ll be surprised to know the average high temperature in April is 61” 80 in August, 59 in November and 42 in February.

4. Who is the developer and visionary of Stock Farm Club?

The concept and vision for the Stock Farm Club originated with two families. Charles and Helen Schwab, have had a second home in the Bitterroot Valley for decades and Jim and Nancy Schueler have lived in the valley for over 40 years, raised their family in Hamilton, and own several local businesses.