Sporting Club

Big Sky Country at Its Best

Welcome to the Stock Farm Club’s Five Stand Shooting Centre and Sporting Clays.  The shooting center provides endless hours of entertainment.  Our covered five stand shooting provides classic clays at its best. Shooting shotguns and actually hitting the target can be exhilarating and approachable for both beginners and advanced shooters.  With our skilled instructors there is no doubt in experiencing a memorable outing.  We offer men’s and ladies days as well as junior shooting days too.

This is a place where the big ones don’t all get away. Where curtains of mayflies float up and down on subtle air currents in the morning sunshine and big trout push water around taking what they want. This is a place where, when you or your kids want to feel hydraulics, you sit in a kayak and paddle behind your guide toward a rapid, feeling your adrenalin levels climb. You’ll be fine on the other side, but different that’s why you come here. We play golf but we also paddleboard and river surf. We downhill and backcountry and cross-country ski.

We swim in clear rivers and hike in wild hills, plucking handfuls of huckleberries to eat as we go. We bird-spotting Meadowlarks and Curlews, Tanagers and Nighthawks, Kestrels and Pileated Woodpeckers Red-Tailed Hawks and Bald Eagles, and rare Plovers. We ride bikes up single-track trails and bob down them, through sometimes we just take our time walking those same trails. We climb rocks, but just as often wander around identifying wildflowers or butterflies. We hunt pheasants with dogs. We hunt ducks from blinds. We bugle for bull elk, and rattle in trophy whitetails. Where we live, we live close to the world. Nobody here thinks any of this is unusual. Very few of us leave to go do anything else. You are at the center of your world here. The Stock Farm revolves around you, bringing its many offerings to you at your pace and whim. It goes far beyond the easily imagined.

Envision yourself gliding through the snow on cross-country skis when a herd of 100 elk bursts from the woods before you. Try to feel the thrill of guiding a mountain bike down a single-track trail, or the surge of a river as you paddle a kayak through its cross-threaded currents. And you’re home in time for a lovely lunch on the deck.

These are just beginnings and endings-you have whole days in between to fill with the kind of experiences that build authentic memory. You don’t come here to escape your real life. You come to the Stock Farm when you finally understand you want real life to come to you.

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