For the Stock Farm Club Employment Application and Internship Application, please fill out and submit the form below.

Now Hiring For…

  • Sous Chef
  • Dishwashers
  • Service Staff
  • Lead Housekeeper
  • Server Assistants
  • Fitness Attendants
  • Poolside Grille Attendants
  • Pool Service Captain
  • Locker Room Attendants
  • Housekeepers
  • Culinary Team (Line Cooks & Pantry Cooks)
  • Concierge
  • Caddies
  • Golf Course Maintenance Team Members



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  • General Information

  • Education

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  • Work History

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  • Applicant's Acknowledgment

  • Please read this section carefully and make sure you fully understand it before signing it. This section affects your legal rights. If you have any question regarding those legal rights, please ask them before you sign this application. If you do not ask, we will assume that you fully understand the language set forth below.

    In exchange for Stock Farms consideration of my employment:
    I verify that all the information I have supplied in this application, and any other information, oral or written, is true and accurate. I understand that any misstated, misleading, incomplete, or false information is grounds for rejection of this application, refusal to hire, it withdrawal of an offer of employment, or immediate discharge without recourse, whenever and however discovered.
    I hereby authorize Stock Farm, its agent or assigns, to contact my previous employers to request references. Further, I agree to hold Stock Farm and any such previous employer harmless for disclosure and authorize them to release any and all information pertaining to me and my employment.
    I understand that Stock Farm maintains a drug-free workplace and that I will be given a copy of Stock Farm policies at the time that conditional offer of employment is made.

    I acknowledge, and where applicable consent to, the following:

    • I am subject to a one-year probationary period;
    • Stock Farm may conduct a criminal background, drivers license, education, employment history, and professional license verifications, credit investigation, and check my references;
    • Work schedules may vary and can be unpredictable, and as such, I may be required to work a different shift, weekends, or overtime;
    • I will be required to comply with the policies and protocols set by the Stock Farm.
    • Stock Farm reserves the right to amend, change, and/or modify the policies and protocols and benefits from time to time.
    • I will contact Stock Farm if I feel that I have been unlawfully discriminated against by an employee, supervisor, or manager in connection with my employment.