The Club That Revolves Around You.

We invite you to visit the Stock Farm Club, show you around, let you get a feel for the place and the pace, let you fall into the rhythms influenced by its natural surroundings. We would love for you to get a sense of who else is here, the kind of folks who appreciate the lifestyle you do, the people you’ll be sharing stories with.

What we’ve created at the Stock Farm is a community that understands the sense of renewal that being in Big Sky Country can bring. It’s a community that appreciates the value of privacy and understated elegance. We’re a private club, but one full of vitality and shared values and aspirations that will eventually be what validates your inclusion here. In other words our people are your people. Come and visit us, stay for a few days in one of our guest cabins, walk around, see who’s here. Wake up under the Big Sky. Golf a round. Go fishing. Breathe. Just breathe the mountain air.

If you get the feeling you might want to stay, just give us a call. We’ll see if we can help you find your place in our favorite place.